Is the customer king in the online world?...

The technical advancements evident in so many other industries also represent the future for the insurance industry - but only if insurers can connect on the right level with the user (aka the policyholder). 

A recent research report from Global Reviews shows that consumers find online insurance products overly complex, time-consuming and that the majority of insurers provide a poor online user experience. This 'poor user experience' manifests itself through poorly designed websites and unless existing insurers provide an online experience that services the needs of a customer throughout the entire buying process, they will have missed a golden opportunity to dramatically improve conversion rates. 

As the user experience and the decision to purchase are inexorably linked, they will also have opened the door to the more 'tech-savvy' insurers who will gain significant market share (at their expense) as more and more insurance products move into the online space.

Why the insurance industry persists with converting offline products to online ones - without redesigning them around the user - is beyond me. Insurers seem to have forgotten that as in the offline world the customer is also king in the online world. Insurers need to remember this or suffer the inevitable consequences.