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Since 2003, the Sevitt Group of companies has successfully worked with a wide range of clients - including many global brands - as independent project managers, strategic advisors, providers of underwriting services & creators of innovative insurance products and software solutions.

The group's services are supported by a global network of business partners (‘Sevitt Networks’) and include:

  • insurance project management, strategy & consulting services
  • early-stage management, day-to-day underwriting & claims support services for insurers, reinsurers & managing general agents
  • project management, concept, design & build oversight of InsureTech solutions
  • Brexit strategy, advisory and execution services 
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Sevitt Consulting is an insurance project management and consulting firm with a proven track record in delivering complex and commercially successful projects across the globe.

Our services include:

  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies (to access the viability of a range of alternative risk transfer solutions e.g. captives, protected cells, etc.)
  • Product innovation & design
  • Underwriting strategies & planning
  • Drafting business plans & underwriting submissions
  • Sourcing underwriting capacity (including captive/cell fronting & reinsurance)
  • Business processes (analysis & optimisation)
  • Brexit advisory services (as a member of Brexit Partners)

These services are supported by a network of global business partners ('Sevitt Networks').


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Sevitt Management provides early-stage management, day-to-day underwriting support and business monitoring services to insurers, reinsurers and managing general agents (MGAs).

Our services include:

  • Set-up & early stage management support (of new insurance ventures)
  • Pricing & rate monitoring
  • Portfolio assessment & management
  • Drafting policy wordings, underwriting guidelines, operating procedures etc.
  • Portfolio clean-up & redomicilliation
  • Provision of non-Executive Directors



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Sevitt Technologies is a joint-venture initiative with a leading UK-based full service digital agency.

Our InsureTech project management, advisory services and software solutions derive their flexibility, reliability and broad feature set from the innovative use of cutting edge technology combined with our unique understanding of the 'internal workings' of the insurance process itself.

Our services include:

  • InsureTech project management

  • Business & E-commerce websites (design & build)

  • Quotation, policy administration, business processing & claims management applications (concept, design & build)

  • Data management & migration

  • Management Information (MI) reporting

  • Mobile applications (design & build)


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